When burning this paper flower didn’t work (because of it’s metallic coating) I took a step back and started to just play around with burning paper towels and other sheets on my scanner. I keep a sheet of glass on top of my Epson Perfection, and light things on fire at different DPI. As is the case with many of my other scans, I’m interested in the way that a scanner’s mechanics capture kinetic energy, and what [I can] do with the potential energy of a static object placed on the surface of the scanner. The discussion of the image/obect’s potential energy is one that I haven’t developed in full, but I think has to do with semantics. Nina’s work comes to mind.

Much of this work has been play, and as I become more adept at the image making I’d like to work with an engineer or programmer. My horoscope says "Is there a fixable limitation on your own ability to achieve your dream, Capricorn? Is there some handicap you could, with effort, overcome? If so, now would be an excellent time to begin." I’m wondering if the fixable limitation is learning to program the scanner, but more likely, it’s fiscal responsibility…

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    I love this work, the yellow paper ones are my favorite. and I’m not a Capricorn, but that horoscope applies to me in...
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