Explanatory gestures, rigorous explanation. Intellectual sugar. Intellectual marijuana. Social… Something. Social butter. Do you need that much salt? Is he straight?


Jocular low blood sugar. Theoretical low blood sugar.


Where do I begin.


Common sense is perverted.


The general assumption that there is a future.


I make such good low carb dinners.


Media Hot and Cool


The apple rolled sweetly across the table
As I bit into the green of the Granny Smith
I heard the crunch was quite bitter
The hard taste of a fruit too young

  Congratulations, Capricorn. Your current dilemmas are more useful and interesting than any that you have had for a long time. If you can even partially solve them, the changes you set in motion will improve your entire life, not just the circumstances they immediately affect. Of the several dividends you may reap, one of my favorites is this: You could liberate yourself from a messed-up kind of beauty and become available for a more soothing and delightful kind. Here’s another potential benefit: You may transform yourself in ways that will help you attract more useful and interesting dilemmas in the future.
  The English verb “cicurate” is defined as “to tame or domesticate” or “to make mild or innocuous.” But it once had an additional sense: “to reclaim from wildness.” It was derived from the Latin word cicurare, which meant “to bring back from madness, to draw out of the wilderness.” For your purposes, Scorpio, we will make cicurate your theme, but concentrate on these definitions: “to reclaim from wildness, to bring back from madness, to draw out of the wilderness.” In the coming weeks, you will be exploring rough, luxuriant areas of unknown territory. You will be wrangling with primitive, sometimes turbulent energy. I urge you to extract the raw vitality you find there, and harness it to serve your daily rhythm and your long-term goals.
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