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what if apple gave everyone a free necro album?

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Ah! So now, in spite of knowing a few people, and being capable of going out, I am feeling somewhat lonely and homesick. Walking through the campus during a coffee break I felt overcome by my loneliness and was almost moved to tears. It was nice receiving a phone call from my friend Ginevra. I miss certain friends in spite of chatting with them frequently. This is mirroring a lot of my friends moving to new cities, which is cool because they all turned out fine :-) I love them.

Our president is on a really insane tip. It seems like we don’t know what we don’t know. 



The word “esoteric” is in itself…esoteric. That’s my one smart person joke. Funny, huh?

frumpular look

Wai Wai Pang
Eczema II

The Reckoning


nu 1, s/o 2 max guy

You and I are a lot alike

I started a bank account
Successfully explained to someone that I am
Wrote some stuff about reading,
and violence
Set up my library
Did not fart
Was totally followed home!
Got help with Indexhibit,
Vaska doesn’t seem friendly…

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