This might be controversial, but I suspect that for now your emphasis shouldn’t be on sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Instead, your specialties should be hard-earned intimacy, altered states that are solely the result of deep introspection, and music that arouses reverence and other sacred emotions. You are entering a phase when crafty power is less important than vigorous receptivity; when success is not nearly as interesting as meaningfulness; when what you already understand is less valuable than what you can imagine and create.
— Is this something like unlearning? I will be receptive!

What was that article on the idiocy of Hollywood comic book adaptations?

Freddy Gallery, Located In Baltimore, MD — By Colin Alexander



Since FREDDY Gallery’s theatrical unveiling in June, I’ve been grappling back and forth with my feelings on its approach to the space previously occupied by sophiajacob gallery. I want to open up some sort of forum on the role of this gallery in Baltimore’s arts scene while I am malleable on the subject. My strong feelings stem mostly from the initial exposition press release, in which the gallery’s management defined the curatorial team as an anonymous body that play acted behind the character Freddy (named from the Nightmare on Elm Street film series’ serial dream killer, Freddy Krueger).

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what if apple gave everyone a free necro album?

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Ah! So now, in spite of knowing a few people, and being capable of going out, I am feeling somewhat lonely and homesick. Walking through the campus during a coffee break I felt overcome by my loneliness and was almost moved to tears. It was nice receiving a phone call from my friend Ginevra. I miss certain friends in spite of chatting with them frequently. This is mirroring a lot of my friends moving to new cities, which is cool because they all turned out fine :-) I love them.

Our president is on a really insane tip. It seems like we don’t know what we don’t know. 



The word “esoteric” is in itself…esoteric. That’s my one smart person joke. Funny, huh?

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The Reckoning

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