My black name.


something wicked this way comes (a)

DRONE for Bloomberg Pursuits, 2014 - out now!

Sissy Spacek at Mata Gallery, February 2014.
Video by John Wiese

That’s me

I’ve done so much worse than the man going to jail

Next to me

At the bar

He says hello, tells me his story after I ask,

"How are you doing?"

In that moment and that moment before

I was a silhouette like the nameless guy in the book I was reading

As the lights shone on my casual gear

Grey and black with sweat

Have you seen the skinny little boy that chases the white ghost at night though?


*decides he loves someone*


After six months of talks and planning, Litho Shop will be closing it’s doors in Baltimore at the end of the month and join forces with Bill Fick’s Surper Graphic in Durham, NC. We will be publishing, contract printing and offering workshops. I want to thank everyone that has been involved and supported the shop for the past 10 years.
Other than incredible national and international artist that have stepped foot in here, these folks come to mind as people I want to thank:  Kim Michalac, Aron Fay, Ruth Bowler, Ariane Clarke (my beautiful woman), John Bohl, Shannon LaRue, Rei Lem, Lauren Brick, Kat Stankewicz, Mary & Steve from Typecast Press, Alpha Graphics, Perry, Emily Smith, Richard Burnham, Bill Downey, Dan Welden, Maddy Horan, Kimmy Fung, my landlords, The BMA, Bill Fick, Isabelle Geiger, Calvin Custen, Tonia Matthews, Vinny, and Duncan. Sorry if I left anyone out, which I am sure I did.
Litho Shop’s name will be dropped, and Surper Graphic will take it’s place. I’ll keep everyone who gives a shit posted! Oh, and my tumblr will remain the way it is…stupid, immature, and exciting work!!!!
  When people, especially those in marginalized communities, have conversations with one another online, the fact that it’s possible to view those conversations might make them “public” by some definition. But certainly we can’t concede that every utterance we make in the presence of others is automatically fodder for aggregation and monetization by media and tech companies, without our consent or even the opportunity for remuneration

What Is Public? — The Message — Medium (via nathanjurgenson)

unbuiltroads check this out, I thought about you.

(via nathanjurgenson)


I find myself in the middle of the week
Broke, cynical, problematic
Spiraling out of control


Do you have another language you can say these types of things in?

  » Mutual Benefit & Soft Cat - fall tour 2014


Hello! I’ve waiting a while to post this but I’m super excited to announce that Soft Cat will be touring with Mutual Benefit on 10 dates down the east coast and mid-west! This is the first time we’ve toured as a full band (featuring violin, cello, electric guitar and classical guitar) and we…

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